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Aluminium Scrap We Buy & Sell – Liquidator of Restaurant Equipment.

Aluminium is used for the recycling process because of its optimum usage, high competitive price, lightness, corrosion resistance, and strength. Aluminium weighs generally around a third of the weight of the equivalent-sized steel component, with much better corrosion resistance. We will offer you various forms of scraps like a rod, plate, wire, cable, wheel, shredded, clipping, heavies, die-cast, girder, can, tank, mix materials, etc. 

Dilli Wala offers most grades of Aluminium like Tense Taint /Tabor, 6063 Extrusions, UBC, wheels, Twitch, Talon, Shredded TT, Aircraft scrap, Zorba, etc to various Aluminium Alloy deals & suppliers.

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