Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum scrap is used for recycling process because of their optimum usage, high competitive price, lightness, corrosion resistance, and strength. Aluminum weighs generally around a third of the weight of the equivalent sized steel component, with much better corrosion resistance. We will offer you various forms of scraps like a rod, plate, wire, cable, wheel, shredded, clipping, heavies, die-cast, girder, can, tank, mix materials, etc

Metalloid Monod offers most grades of Aluminum Scrap like Tense Taint /Tabor, 6063 Extrusions, UBC, wheels, Twitch, Talon, Shredded TT, Aircraft scrap, zebra, etc to various Aluminum Alloy manufacturers & suppliers.

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum and its alloy are used because of their optimum usage, lightness, corrosion resistance and strength. Aluminum alloys weigh generally around a third of the weight of the equivalent sized steel component, with much better corrosion resistance. We will offer you the most forms. 

Metalloid Monod is Indenting Agents for Companies from Thailand Middle East Russia and Sri Lanka and can source quality materials at competitive prices. Aluminum Alloys like ADC12, ALSI132, LM4, LM24, and AC4B are some of the standard Alloys 

Silicon Metal

Silicon is the material most commonly used in the manufacturing of photovoltaic (PV) cells. In the current study, laboratory experiments of purification of solar cell silicon materials through filtration are carried out. 
All such of manufacturing process We supply a Silicon metal in various form and Selling (exporting) to China, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Self Country – India

Description Crystalline silicon is a lustrous, Black-grayish color, while the amorphous form of silicon is a dark brown powder. Making up 25% of the earth’s crust, silicon metal is the second most abundant element, following oxygen. Silicon is not found freely in nature but can form more compounds than any other element, except carbon. It is most important to semiconducting elements. Silicon and its compounds have some of the most useful mechanical, thermal, optical, and electrical properties to mankind. 

Metalloid Monod also caters to various Aluminum Alloy manufacturers for various grades of Silicon.

Ferrous Scrap

Ferrous scrap is one of the most recycled materials in the world today with over 50% of the world’s steel produced from scrap.

Ferrous metal

scrap is a scrap of iron and steel. This generally includes the scrap metal from automobiles, steel beams, equipment, appliances, ships, railway tracks, as well as food packaging and other containers. Scrap metal accounts for the largest volume in terms of the metal turned to scrap in the world. It can be classified into 80 general grades and over 40 grades of railroad scrap and additional grades of alloy scrap

Copper Scrap

Copper and it’s scrap have been used by mankind for centuries and bronze, a mixture of Copper, Zinc, and Tin was used by early human civilizations. Copper is used in many alloys especially to make Brass and certain Aluminum alloys, predominantly in the Aerospace industry

We offer Copper scraps in the various form are wires, tanks, heavies, Shredded, berries, cables. This generally includes the scrap metal from electronics, automobiles, equipment, appliances, aerospace, and shipping. In Metal Accounts, Copper (Cu) is the major volume in terms of the metal turned to scrap in the world. 

Brass Scrap

Brass is made from alloying Copper with Zinc. Some alloys are made by adding other elements such as Lead, Tin, Iron, Aluminum, Silicon and Manganese. Most brass alloys have good hot working properties and thus can easily be cast, forged, stamped and extruded. Some brass scrap can also have excellent anti-corrosive properties and find them used in highly corrosive environments

Brass Scrap is a cost-effective engineering material ideally suited for the manufacture of machined and stamped items. 

We offer Brass Scraps in various forms like Tube, Sheets, Honey, Todd Sward, Pipe, etc and Selling Brass Scrap is very comparative price interested buyers may contact us. 

Zinc Scrap

Our Zinc Scrap includes – Score and Dross. Zinc score consists of clean, dry and unalloyed zinc sheet scrap. Zinc Score is being used for production of zinc sheets also meant for printing industry, for common castable alloys and lead copper-zinc alloys; for hot zinc plating of ready-made products as well as materials; for producing zinc powder used in metallurgical industry and also for production of zinc oxide used in chemical-pharmaceutical industry; for fine chemicals; for acquiring zinc powder used in accumulators. 

Other Metals Scrap

Importers of various metal scrap, scrap ships, cable scrap, industrial scrap, obsolete scrap that includes aluminum scrap, copper scrap, steel scrap, motor scrap, brass scrap, and iron scrap. Metal scrap is any metal object or remnant that has been rendered as waste because of age or a variety of other factors. Scrap metal is divided into two main types: 

  • Ferrous Metal Scrap
  • Non-ferrous Metal Scrap

Scrap metal of both ferrous and non-ferrous varieties, can be further categorized into home scrap and purchased scrap. Home scrap – Home scrap refers to that scrap which is generated at the mill, refinery, and foundry and which is usually remolded and reused at the same plant. 

We offer scrap in various materials and forms like Electric Motors, Seamless tube, Welded Tube, Steel Iron Angles, Billets, Iron plates, etc and Selling Scrap at a very reasonable price.

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