Silicon Metal

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Silicon Metal Buying & Selling & Reconditioning Shiping Equipments and Other Scraps Since 1992.

Silicon is the material most commonly used in the manufacturing of photovoltaic (PV) cells. In the current study, laboratory experiments of purification of solar cell silicon materials through filtration are carried out. All such of the manufacturing process we supply a Silicon metal in various forms and selling (exporting) to China, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Self Country – India. Description Crystalline silicon is a lustrous, Black-grayish color, while the amorphous form of silicon is a dark brown powder. Making up 25% of the earth’s crust, silicon metal is the second most abundant element, following oxygen. Silicon is not found freely in nature but can form more compounds than any other element, except carbon. It is most important to semiconducting elements. Silicon and its compounds have some of the most useful mechanical, thermal, optical, and electrical properties to mankind. Dilliwala also caters to various Aluminum Alloy deals for various grades of Silicon.

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